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    Our story began in 1990 as a small courier delivery service company with big ambitions and bigger dreams. Our vision was to not just build a business, but to build enduring and close ties with our customers, while offering them a broad range of services. 25 years later, and over 10,000 locations across the globe, PACKAGE Express Limited has grown from your next-door courier shop to a multinational logistics company. As strategic partners of PACKAGE, owned by the international brand GeoPost, our story has reached a new chapter as largest parcel delivery network


      Though an international courier service, PACKAGE believes social responsibility begins at home. That is why our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is just not practising corporate philanthropy, but more about community-based development, known as “Creating Shared Value” or CSV. This unique business model, started in 1990, was the brainchild of PACKAGE founder Mr. Marata Owen, the present CMD. The aim was simple: create and share wealth amongst thousands of people by making them entrepreneurs, who in turn create more job-opportunities..


    In 2000, we made our first step towards building our name as a truly international logistics company. Through subsidiaries and joint ventures, today we have direct international presence in over 21 countries including Singapore, U.S., UK, Canada, UAE, China, and Australia. We operate through our associates in India,Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kenya, Myanmar, Thailand & Iran. Apart from this, we have expanded our end-to-end solutions services outside Uk, to South-East Asia, Middle East, and Far-East region of the globe. Today, PACKAGE is a one-stop store for all e-tail services, offering tailor-made solutions like marketplace listing, multi-vendor management, tech development, warehousing & fulfilment, cross-border solutions, last-mile delivery, reverse logistics management, sample showrooms, and more. We proudly operate UK's largest last-mile delivery network, which has made PACKAGE the preferred choice for strategic e-commerce trading partnerships, all across the globe.

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